Friday, November 28, 2008

Atomikos for XTP: Transactions for Nothing and Failover for Free

A lot of the hype in "Extreme Transaction Processing (XTP)" is fail-over. When Oracle bought Coherence (a Tangosol product), they essentially got an XTP solution for database access.

As Cameron Purdy notes here, this now allows Oracle to provide a degree of XTP failover.

Now guess what: with Atomikos TransactionsEssentials you get:

  • Transactional robustness for nothing, and

  • failover for free

How? Just do the following:

  1. queue requests in JMS

  2. process them by a cluster of competing consumer processes

  3. use Atomikos TransactionsEssentials to ensure that each message is processed exactly once, without duplicates or message loss

By the semantics of queues, this architecture will give you failover. By the semantics of transactions, this will give you exactly once. Since the requests can be queued by any source, this is multichannel. Everything is commodity infrastructure. This is very easy to scale: just add another process.

In summary, this is XTP of the highest degree:-)


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